Why "Metheglin Press"?

Metheglin comes from the old Welsh meddyglyn. While this is a brewed drink, metheglin also means mead or honey wine.

When raw sewage entered rivers, storm drains, and groundwater, brewed or fermented drinks were the only safe beverages. The well-to-do could afford first drafts or pressings, while everyone else bought second pressings.

Metheglin Press issues complete second pressings of original reference books for all who need first-hand information but cannot afford the original editions.

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Merchants Almanac of 1622

In the Great Britain of Elizabeth I, of Shakespeare or Sir Francis Drake, British Civil Law unified the country. Great Britain and most other civilized countries also observed two world-wide, unwritten agreements, the ancient customs of Merchant- and Admiralty Law. Even foreign despots respected these ancient laws; only brigands and pirates ignored them.

The British Crown established weight, purity, and conversion rate of the Pound Sterling. Royal mints coined shillings and smaller silver coins. Local mints made copper coins locally; and those coins varied from shire to shire and from town to town. Foreign rulers clung to the names of their currencies but often changed weights and alloys to enrich themselves.

How did merchants trade in a world without standards? They carried a touchstone, a fixed length of rope, and their own scales and weights. They traveled over unpaved, unsafe roads and on uncharted seas. Ships held an east-west course by compass, but no captain knew how far he had sailed in a day. He lowered sails at dusk and raised them at sunrise to keep from running into unseen shorelines.

Merchant Gerard Malynes was seventy, successful, and respected. He left this textbook as road map and legacy for young merchants. He shows us his world, and we see Shakespeare's plays and Francis Drake's exploits in the context of their age.

Complete original text with original spelling and modern alphabetical index, 492 pages.


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Snails, Sex and Sermons in 1744

Friedrich Christian Lesser, the Senior Pastor of the Church of Saints Jacob and Martin at Nordhausen, had an unusual hobby: he observed and recorded the lives of snails and shells. This brought him in direct conflict with the revered teachings of Aristotle.

Aristotle had taught that snails and shells are generated by slime on the soil or scum on seawater.

Watching the snails in his garden mate and lay eggs, Pastor Lesser found fault with Aristotle's conclusions. Lesser used observation and record-keeping, then an unconventional approach to biology, but one we still use to this day.

Lesser wrapped every biology lesson in a sermon. This allowed him to contradict long-held beliefs, discuss the sex life of snails, and keep his job.

On page 1080, Pastor Lesser wrote: "This book was printed in a distant town. Therefore, the author could not correct mistakes and begs the reader to correct them himself." Nordhausen, his hometown, was 64 miles from the printer's shop at Leipzig. 32 pages.


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Arts, Crafts and Hobbies, 1850 - 1870

A self-help book for all crafts and hobbies.

Here are descriptions of ingredients, preparation and use of cements, glues, paints, ink, and blacking, with instructions for paperhanging, painting, glass and metal work. Learn to make storage batteries or learn electro-plating or photography--all "from scratch."

The author gives brand names of good quality tools and chemicals. He describes many manufacturing processes in detail; they were clearly not patented.

360 pages with index and glossary of obscure terms.


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Healthy Living, 1850 - 1870

Before Lister's asepsis and before chloroform was used for pain control, accident prevention was the best guarantee of a healthy life. Dr. Youman's detailed diagnoses, medications and treatments inspire no confidence in medical practice of his time. It is a miracle our ancestors survived these cures.

Check recipes for medicines, cosmetics, and household chemicals of drugstores and pharmacies in pre-Civil War America.

239 pages with index and glossary of obscure terms.


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House & Home 1850 - 1870

"A woman's work is never done,"

was the motto of every 1850s household. When fourteen or fifteen year-old girls followed their new husbands to a homestead or to the frontier, they faced more than never-ending work. They left behind helpful relatives or neighbors and all the familiar stores.

How did these young women learn the skills they had not needed at home? How did they make candles or soap from left-over grease? How did they preserve foods for the winter ahead? How did they--pregnant at least every other year--bear the burden of that existence?

If they could read, this book taught them to cope.

295 pages with index and glossary of obscure terms


How to get a rare book at a reasonable price

The moral wealth of a man comes from the number and quality of the books he reads throughout his lifetime. The actual wealth, more tangible and stackable, can come from his bookshelves. Having rare volumes is the wet dream of every literature enthusiast. Not only do these publications have a limited print number, but they also increase in value with every passing year. Having a large collection of these readable artifacts will surely impress your friends and escorts. There are a few steps to make in becoming a rare book connoisseur and to get unique volumes at a reasonable price. Here are the most important ones:

Identification is crucial

Good knowledge comes from extensive research and you cannot discover lost volumes without it. This means that you have to know everything about the publication you want to acquire. Some of them have multiple editions, with the first print being always the most valuable one. Study them carefully and ask for advice from anyone you can trust on this issue, including your London escort from https://www.eros.com/. These beautiful ladies from EROS have a good taste for art and artifacts and their knowledge might come in handy at the time of the purchase.

Good research will lower the price

Doing your homework will always pay off! Keep this rule in mind when negotiating with a bookseller. If you feel that he has the upper hand regarding information, ask for a second meeting. Take your time to extend your research and ask for second opinions from your family or from your escorts. Sometimes, you can save a lot of money if you get external advice on your investment.

Look for rare requests

A collection of rare books is based on a catalogue of limited editions. You can find a summary of such publications at the local library and even online. Check with other buyers and see which volumes have fewer requests. Many times you can find rare gems included on these shortlists and you might get them at a very reasonable price. Get in touch with your London escort about this matter, too. These lovely women have many connections and they might know those hard-to-reach sellers that are willing to trade.

Create a network of book lovers

Communication is the key in the world of rare book trading. Make sure that you know as many collectors as possible. You can find out the value of a book depending on their catalogues and how many of them have it. If a title is present in all of their collections, it will have a low buying price. On the other hand, if one of them or their escorts have a one-in-a-million print, that volume has a very high value.

Be reasonable about your goals

You will need to arm yourself with a lot of patience if you want to achieve a remarkable collection of rare books. It will be hard to get your hand on some unique volumes and you might see a few years passing between your purchases. The good news is that you have a lot of time left to spend with your family or your London escort before the right sale comes along.

Keep your collection safe

As soon as your collection grows in both quantity and quality you have to ensure its safety. This means that you have to place it in a secure location and guarantee the perfect storing conditions. Also, it would be a good idea not to share too many details about it. Only a small group of friends and escorts should know about your eccentric passion.

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